Without the support of the community, we could never do what we do!



Thank you the Manassas Museum for their support in our efforts to collect historical data and photos!


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Thank you to these generous scholarship supporters!

Daniel H. Barrett, Inc.                                              MAE, LLC

Ross, France & Ratliff                                              East to West

Northside Auto Sales                                               Miller Toyota

Crigger Contracting, Inc.                                         Ross-France, PC

E. L. Blackwell Electric, Inc.                                   Cakes by Shelby

Purnell, McKennett & Menke PC                         Two Smooth Dudes

Numerous Osbourn Alumni Individuals


Thank you to these local businesses and people who have donated prizes for our events! 

Sills Car Wash                                                  J.E. Rice

Totally Vintage                                                 Plantland

Manassas Chorale                                            Allyssa Bren

Manassas Museum                                          Gerry Sproles

Shining SOL Candle                                       Joanne Barrett

The Magic Putting Place                                Ashby Jewelers                               

Bennett House Bed & Breakfast                   Nathan’s Dairy Bar

Manassas Junction Bed & Breakfast          

Greater Manassas Christmas Parade